Ambra di Aleramo

A mixture of Pigato wine, artichokes and 16 aromatic herbs from the Piana di Albenga.  The label shows the face of an elegant and mysterious woman, an exclusive design by Chino Bert, well known international stylist and later Benedictine monk;  this infusion works well revealing the bitter explosion of the artichoke  alternately enriched by the sixteen herbs.  Excellent as a digestive at room temperature, to try iced in summer as a pleasant bitter aperitive

  • Aspect: colour amber
  • Bouquet: perfume of dill  bay, absinth, melissa, mint, rosemary...
  • Taste: the initial bitterness melts into a pleasing smoothness of the wise combination of the sixteen herbs
  • Alcoholic Grading: 16%
  • Goes with: ice as an aperitif, digestive at room temperature