Dry white wine, pale golden yellow colour, made with 100% Pigato grapes, produced exclusively in the Ligurian Ponente Riviera and mainly in the zone of Albenga, takes its name from the rust-coloured marks that appear on the mature grapes.

  • Bouquet: intense, characteristic, rich in perfumes, slightly aromatic;
  • Taste: dry, full, pleasing, slightly bitter-almond;  hints of banana, peach, apricot, matured yellow fruit.
  • Alcoholic Grading: 11,5%-13,5%
  • Acidity: 5-6 per thousand
  • Goes with: ideal with all fish based dishes, oysters, shellfish, Ligurian cuisine entrées, excellent with 'trofie al pesto', white meats, excellent as an aperitif
  • Serving temperature: 10°-12°