The Torre-Pernice Winery-Farm Company was founded by the Sartori family in 1950 and even today the descendants take care of all the wine production activities and hospitality of the guests of the Agriturismo.
We specialize in the production of high quality Ligurian wines: Pigato Doc, Vermentino Doc, Rossese Doc, Pigato Doc Selection Grapes, Passito di Pigato, Passito di Rossese, Grappa di Pigato, Pigato flavored with aromatic herbs

The Torre Pernice estate, from the name of the ancient medieval stone tower that overlooks the vineyards, is located in the center of the Albenga Plain a few kilometers from both the historic center of Roman origin and the splendid Alassio beach; perched on a slight plateau, it is unique in Liguria for the largest extension of the vineyard in a single plot of 10 hectares.

At Torre Pernice , apart from peace and relaxation, you can discover true “country-spirit”:  see for yourself the country at work, wild life  that lives undisturbed in this protected area.