Inside the antique Torre Pernice is the Restaurant –Wine  Bar:  the magic atmosphere will take you back to when cavaliers, arms-bearers and dames populated the Tower;  from those distant times come the recipes for dishes and drinks that you can still try today, typical expressions of Ligurian cusine with aromatic herbs, fruit and vegetables ripened in the sun and caressed by the sea breeze.

Alongside the old part of Torre Pernice is the “Winter Garden”, a large room made completely of sliding windows with a breathtaking view:  on one side the vineyards, on the other a panorama of the Plain and the mountains, above the starlit sky!

There is also a Sales Point:  here you can purchase our Doc wines, delicate and perfumed Ligurian oil, Taggia's olives, pesto, olive paté, rose syrup and all the typical products of our area.

A short distance from the Torre Pernice is the Antique Casale where bedrooms have been created for bookings:  romantic and unforgettable nights in the peace and quietness of the vineyards, rooms with all comforts;  rest nearby for those who may have over participated in the joys of Bacchus and prefer to leave the next day!

In the mornings a rich breakfas with our home-made tarts, fresh fruit and jams!